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May 23 2011

NCC Satellite Radio Broadcase on May 27th at 5pm EDT

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Mark your calendars! The first segment of the NCC’s Genetics and Your Health series on the Life, Love, & Health satellite radio program will be broadcast live on May 27th at 5pm EDT and will feature a one hour conversation devoted to the value and importance of newborn screening.

The interview panel includes: Dr. Tracy Trotter (pediatrician), Karissa Olson (parent and advocate), Kelly Rosso Leight (parent and advocate), and Judith Benkendorf (certified genetic counselor), moderated by Chris Springmann.

To listen, go to:

After the broadcast the show will be archived on the NCC’s website for future listening.

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May 02 2011

Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) looking for committee members to develop document on Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID) for NBS.

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The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute’s (CLSI’s) Consensus Committee on Immunology and Ligand Assay has requested nominations for individuals to serve as members and contributors on the document development committee for SCID for NBS. Further details on the roles and responsibilities of committee participants can be found here. Please specify your preferred role on the committee for consideration when completing the committee volunteer nomination form.

The importance of screening for SCID has been proven; however, there are currently no commercial products or authoritative consensus methods for such testing. This document will provide critical information and guidance for NBS programs as they implement newborn bloodspot screening for SCID.

The document development committee will require representatives with qualifications as specified below:

NBS laboratory experience; experience with measuring TREC in DBS and/or whole blood; experience with the diagnostic tests used to follow up with screen-positive infants; experience with treating and managing children with SCID and other immune deficiencies.

The deadline to submit your notification in serving on the document development committee is May 18, 2011.

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