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Genetic Counseling Program

Location:  Phoenix, AZ
Program Length:  21 months

Mission: To prepare genetic counselors to work in the field of genetics where they will apply their knowledge and unique skill set to help advance the understanding of genetics and genomics-related conditions in order to improve health outcomes within the communities where they work and live.

Program Objectives:

  • Instill a sense of personal, professional and societal responsibility to respect, honor and value each other, professional colleagues, clients and members of our communities;
  • Ensure new graduates meet the Practice-Based Competencies for Genetic Counselors;
  • Prepare new graduates to pass the American Board of Genetic Counseling certification examination;
  • Equip new graduates to be able to secure a job in the healthcare field, a laboratory setting or other position relevant to their expertise in genetics and genetic counseling;
  • Provide new graduates with the skills to be able to conduct research, read and write manuscripts related to the field of genetics/genomics and genetic counseling.

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Prerequisite Information 

  • GRE –
  • International students –
  • GPA requirement =  3.0
  • In-state priority –
  •  Interviews – TBD
  • Please contact program about tuition information.
  • Tuition reduction options –
  • On-campus work opportunities –
  • Match and/or Application Waivers –
  • Arizona
  • Flexible summer rotation opportunities –

Partnered with indigenous faculty at ASU to recruit indigenous students.

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