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Augustana-Sanford Genetic Counseling Graduate Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Augustana-Sanford Genetic Counseling Graduate Program (ASGCGP) is to provide an education of enduring worth that cultivates wisdom and advances patient care by developing genetic counselors into astute communicators, scholarly professionals, and engaged members of their communities. The ASGCGP seeks to train well-rounded genetic counselors and give them a strong foundation in both genetic science and interpersonal communication skills.  Our graduates will: 

  • Demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Display strong scientific and empathetic foundations.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to function as genetic counselors in fast-paced, real-world settings.
  • Exhibit collaboration and relationship-building skills.
  • Produce meaningful graduate research projects.
  • Understand and appreciate the far reach of genomics (e.g., personalized medicine, business, diversity, media).

Program is located in Sioux Falls, SD / San Diego, CA

Program website:

Academic year is from  August to May.

Information about prerequisites info can be found at

  • No GRE required,
  • Holistic admissions process,
  • Accepts international students.
  • In-state students:  $56,875.00
  • Out-of-state students: $56,875.00
  • International students: $56,875.00
  • Sanford Health has often offered a substantial scholarship (close to full tuition) in exchange for a work commitment.  This does not happen every year and we usually don’t learn of the opportunity until Spring.

General geographic location of internships: Sioux Falls Area and San Diego

Currently have Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives as part of the program

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives: We have created Diversity Domains and learning objectives that will be infused into our curriculum program wide. Additionally, we have identified co-chairs of a DEIJ taskforce that will help to establish a standing DEIJ Advisory Board for our program.

ASGCGP students have identified six core values central to the student experience in the program. A – Adaptability S – Service G – Growth C – Camaraderie G – Genuineness P – Professionalism