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Mission Statement

The mission of the Genetic Counseling Training Program is to prepare students with the appropriate knowledge and experiences to function as competent and empathetic genetic counselors in a wide range of settings and roles. With unprecedented advances in our understanding of the genetic and molecular control of gene expression and development, and in our ability to apply this knowledge clinically, the program strives to train students who can interface between patients, clinicians, and molecular and human geneticists.  Students gain insightful and multifaceted skills that will enable them to be effective genetic counselors, aware of the many new technical advances and often-difficult ethical, legal and social issues that have surfaced in the light of the Human Genome Project.  Graduates of the program will be prepared to work in a variety of settings including both adult and pediatric genetics clinics, specialty clinics such as cancer genetics, cardiovascular genetics. and metabolic clinics, and prenatal diagnosis clinics, as well as in areas of research or commercial genetics laboratories relevant to genetic counseling and human genetics.

Program is located in Cleveland, OH0\

Program website:

Academic year is from  August to May.

This is a dual program – MA in bioethics and MS in genetic counseling

Information about prerequisites info can be found at

  • No GRE required,
  • Holistic admissions process,
  • Accepts international students.
  • In-state students:  $80,000.00
  • Out-of-state students: $80,000.00
  • International students: $80,000.00
  • Student work opportunities
  • Stipend given, $10,000 per student

General geographic location of internships:  Cleveland, OH and Akron, OH

Currently have Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives as part of the program.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives:  Quarterly sessions with our diversity and inclusion office; quarterly student led sessions on topics of interest; curriculum changes.