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Mission and Vision Statement

Mission:  The mission of the Kean University Genetic Counseling Graduate Program is to provide rigorous forward-thinking scientific and psychosocial education via didactic, research and clinical experiences to develop capable, confident and motivated genetic counselors ready to fill current and future roles in genetics and genomics.

Vision:  Our progressive program will empower our graduates to become leaders, policy makers and innovators actively guiding the future of the genetic counseling profession.

Program is located in Union, NJ

Program website:

Academic year is from  September to May.

Information about prerequisites info can be found at

  • No GRE required,
  • Holistic admissions process,
  • Accepts international students.
  • In-state students:  $51,000.00
  • Out-of-state students:  $51,000.00
  • Graduate assistantships available
  • Scholarships available
  • Applications for graduate assistantships and scholarships are submitted by interested students after being matched to the program

General geographic location of internships:  New Jersey

Currently have Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives as part of the program

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives: The Kean University student population is diverse with approximately 66% being BIPOC. The university is designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution by the U.S. Department of Education. Kean was also named one of the top five universities for diversity in the United States by Diversity, Inc. The Kean University Genetic Counseling Graduate Program (GCGP) is therefore in a perfect setting to be supported in, and to undertake, DEIJ efforts.

Diversity via Outreach, Networking and Education (DONE)-With a goal of increasing diversity in our profession, the GCGP created a program focused on outreach to students from underrepresented populations. At the core of this program is education about the profession of genetic counseling as it is only through knowledge of the profession that students can choose this career path. This program entitled Diversity via Outreach, Networking and Education (DONE) has 3 foci:

  • Kean undergraduate students-a Genetic Counseling Student Interest Group was created and held 5 events in the first academic year during a pandemic!
  • Other colleges/HBCUs-relationships have been established allowing for outreach efforts to be conducted.
  • High school students-a current outreach pilot project with a large local high school provides data and experience to expand efforts to a network of over 120 local schools. 

All events are conducted by GCGP students providing them with experience in DEIJ and educational endeavors. The high school outreach pilot project is actually a student’s thesis study! Given the uniqueness of our program, we were awarded a NYMAC Regional Genetics Network grant to support initial efforts. Overall, our DONE program should provide education in, and mentoring to, interested students in the profession of genetic counseling. This, in turn, should increase diversity in our profession.

Please see our Program Information web page for numerous videos from our Leadership and students describing the program and answering common questions