Long Island University
Genetic Counseling Graduate Program

Location: Brookville, NY
Program Length:  21 months

Mission: To develop genetic counselors that have the knowledge, skill and experience to succeed in all areas of the field by providing comprehensive training emphasizing the scientific, clinical and psychosocial aspects of genetic counseling.

The LIU Post GCGP is committed to developing a new generation of genetic counselors with the knowledge and skill to help patients make the best decisions. With a diverse, interdisciplinary academic and clinical faculty, the two-year Masters program is geared toward students who desire a rigorous and comprehensive training in the field of clinical genetics. Skills learned through classroom-based didactics pave the way for students to enter their clinical rotations for “real-world” training. Additionally, both classroom work and numerous supplementary activities ensure that students will be exposed to expanded roles in genetic counseling in addition to traditional, clinic-based careers.

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Prerequisite Information 

  • GRE –
  • International students –
  • GPA requirement =  3.0
  • In-state priority –
  •  Interviews – Virtual
    *But, recommended
  • In-state: $66,552
  • Out-of-state: $66,552
  •  International: $66,552
  • Tuition reduction options –
  • On-campus work opportunities –
  • Match and/or Application Waivers – ✅ *
    *For qualifying candidates
  • Long Island, NY; New York City, NY; and New Jersey
  • Flexible summer rotation opportunities –
  • DEIJ speakers/activities are included in our journal/GC Seminar, and as part of our curriculum.

  • Leadership started a new online initiative to help diversify the genetic counseling profession. This initiative was developed with the students and of LIU faculty members. The pilot was introduced to the undergraduate students at LIU Post and Brooklyn campuses. This summer, it was included in the H.E.A.L.T.H. for Youths Lehrer Prize for Community Well Being Incubator Program to introduce minority high school and college students to the field of public health and genetic counseling, and to influence positive change in their community.

  • The program has also increased the presence of diverse members in the Admission Committee to help prevent unconscious bias during application review process.

For more information contact Monika Zak, Program Director, at Monika.Zak@liu.edu

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