Genetic Counseling Virtual Career Fair 2020

Questions about the profession?

General questions about certification, training programs, or accreditation?

Minority Students Interested in the Profession?
Questions about the profession?

Northeast Region Genetic Counseling Training Programs

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No GRE: Genetic counseling training programs that do not require GRE scores as part of the application process. Remember to inquire whether or not the program looks at GRE scores which are submitted.

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Assistantship: Provides the graduate student with part-time, paid work in their field of study.

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Scholarship: Scholarships are offered. More details available from each program.

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Dual Degree: Genetic counseling training programs that offer the option of working towards two degrees simultaneously.

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Distance Learning: Training programs that normally offer on-line courses.

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Work study: Genetic counseling training programs that offer part-time student employment.

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Fellowships: Financial support provided to pursue graduate studies without associated teaching or research responsibilities. Usually merit based awards.

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Financial Assistance: Has some type of application waiver, financial aid, or tuition help. Ask program for more details.