Stanford University
MS Program in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling

Location:   Stanford, CA
Program Length:  18 months

Vision:  Our vision is to build a genetic counseling community that embraces, empowers, includes, respects, educates, and supports patients, colleagues, students, and partners from all walks of life.

Mission:  We are committed to prioritizing innovative, personalized, and applied genetic counseling education and practice, through a combination of dynamic coursework, fieldwork, research, introspection, and supportive mentoring.

Program objectives:

  • Provide students with the appropriate knowledge and experience to become discerning, empathic, independent, openminded, adaptable, strategic, and inclusive genetic counselors.
  • Utilize a cutting-edge curriculum that: includes a balance of psychosocial, medical, scientific, and research components; evolves dynamically with the students, faculty, and with the profession; and allows students to develop personalized areas of interest and expertise.
  • Prepare students to: counsel effectively with all populations and cultures in a variety of clinical settings, including multilingual practice whenever possible; critically evaluate information and conduct clinical research; develop proficiency in inter- and intra-disciplinary teamwork, personal evaluation, goal-setting, and professional ethics; establish strong oral and written communication skills; demonstrate each of the ACGC Practice-Based competencies; achieve ABGC certification, obtain licensure (in states where it is available), and sustain continuing education and self-reflective practices; and promote the field of genetic counseling through clinical care, teaching, research, advocacy, and leadership.

Program Website 

Prerequisite Information 

  • GRE –
  • International students –
  • GPA requirement = N/A
  • In-state priority –
  •  Interviews – Virtual
  • In-state: $96,906
  • Out-of-state: $96,906
  •  International: $96,906
  • Tuition reduction options –
  • On-campus work opportunities –
  • Match and/or Application Waivers –
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Flexible summer rotation opportunities –

The Stanford Genetic Counseling Diversity Equity Inclusion Action and Outreach Committee (DEI AOC) is a grassroots effort created by a team of Stanford genetic counselors and genetic counseling students in March 2020.

Our goal is to provide a platform to execute projects focused on education, outreach, advocacy, and service delivery needs to promote systemic change and build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive genetic counseling community.

We welcome all genetic counselors and genetic counseling students in the Stanford community to join us!

Visit our website for details on our charter, resources, events, and more!

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