Staff members

Team Members

Sylvia Mann, MS, CGC
Project Director

Sylvia Mann, MS, CGC, is the Project Director for the Western States Regional Genetics Network. She is a certified genetic counselor who has been the Hawaii State Genetics Coordinator since the Genetics Program was started within the Department of Health in 1993. In her position, Ms. Mann has responsibility for assessment, assurance and policy development in the areas of genetics, newborn screening, birth defects and other related areas such as chronic disease. She has also been the principal investigator on several federally funded projects to assess the genetic service and newborn screening needs of professionals and families; using the needs assessment information to plan activities to address the identified needs; and implement and evaluate the activities. In addition to her state and regional work, Ms. Mann has served on regional and national committees including the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health and Society. Ms. Mann received her Master’s of Science degree in human genetics and genetic counseling from Sarah Lawrence College in 1988.


Michelle Takemoto, MS, CGC
Genetic Specialist

Michelle Takemoto, MS, CGC, completed her Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling in 2015 from the University of Minnesota. In addition to her responsibilities with the WSRGN, Michelle is also a practicing genetic counselor involved in providing genetic services to pediatric patients with the Hawaii Community Genetics program. Michelle has been on staff with the WSRGN since 2015.

Lila Aiyar, MSC, CGC
Genetic Specialist

Lila Aiyar, MSc, CGC, completed her Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling from the University of Toronto in 2012. She is board certified as a genetic counselor by the American Board of Genetic Counseling and the Canadian Association of Genetic Counselors. Prior to joining the WSRGN, she worked as a prenatal genetic counselor for Hawaii Pacific Health. In addition to her responsibilities with the WSRGN, she is a practicing genetic counselor who provides pediatric genetic counseling services with the Hawaii Community Genetics program. Lila has been on staff with the WSRGN since 2016.

Pauline Mui
Project Technical Assistant

Pauline Mui has been the Project Assistant for the WSRGN since its start in 2004. She designs and maintains the WSRGN websites, is responsible for the WSRGN budget and finances, and coordinates all meetings and travel. In addition to her work with the WSRGN, Pauline is also an administrative assistant with the Genomics Section at the Hawaii Department of Health. She works closely with the Hawaii State Newborn Metabolic Screening Program, Newborn Hearing Screening Program, Birth Defects Program, and Genetics Program.

Jacquie Stock, MPH
Project Evaluator

Jacquie Stock, MPH, is a Research Associate at Seattle Children’s Center for Children with Special Needs. Jacquie has fifteen years of experience planning and evaluating public health programs for children with special needs and families with or at risk for genetic conditions. Jacquie has worked extensively with the Washington State Department of Health Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Program and state family leadership organizations to plan and implement a variety of statewide systems for CSHCN including measuring outcomes of public health nursing and school nursing services, analyzing and publishing findings from state BRFSS and CAHPS data, work to integrate state data systems, facilitating a series of strategic planning meetings for medical home development, and numerous other projects. Jacquie currently works with Holly Tabor, PhD, assisting with Dr. Tabor’s research related to ethics in genomic research. Jacquie serves as an evaluator and work group lead for the WSRGN.