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Vision and Mission Statement

Vision:  To produce graduates that excel in their field while advancing the practice of genetic counseling.

Mission:  To create a nurturing and collaborative educational environment that fosters successful, independent learners through: 

  • A rigorous, comprehensive curriculum reflective of contemporary genetics and genomics practice,
  • Clinical experiences dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in patient care,
  • Innovative research opportunities that support the development of clinical scholars, and
  • A commitment to the responsible and ethical application of genomic medicine in order to better the health of all members of our community.

Program website: https://geneticcounseling.ucsf.edu

Program is located in San Francisco, CA

Academic year is from  September to June.

Information about prerequisites info can be found at https://geneticcounseling.ucsf.edu/admissions

  • No GRE required,
  • Holistic admissions process,
  • Accepts international students.
  • In-state students:  $41,793.00
  • Out-of-state students:  $41,793.00
  • International students:  $41,793.00
  • Student work opportunities
  • Scholarships available – Scholarship opportunities vary year-to-year.  Please check with the Program for the current offerings.
  • Work study available

General geographic location of internships:  San Francisco Bay Area

Currently have Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives as part of the program

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives:  The UCSF Genetic Counseling Program is a new training program that was established using a DEIJ lens.  DEIJ is part of our foundation; we have not had to rethink our philosophy to include DEIJ initiatives. DEIJ impacts all aspects of our program, from governance, to admissions, to the curriculum, to aligning with the UCSF’s institutional priorities for the provision of culturally competent education, discovery, and patient care.

Our leadership team has completed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion Training, our DEIJ Committee ensures cultural awareness and competence throughout the Program, our Admissions Committee employs a holistic approach to application review and our curriculum is in alignment with UCSF’s commitment to anti-oppressive education. The UCSF Genetic Counseling Program strives to foster an environment where all students can thrive.