Genetic Counseling Graduate Program

Mission Statement

Our program is strategically designed to provide a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and counseling skills, both of which are important for effective genetic counseling. We are located in the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics in the Wayne State University School of Medicine. The Center’s dedication to bridging basic research and patient care provides an exceptional environment for the Genetic Counseling Graduate Program. The diverse population found in the greater Detroit area provides a unique opportunity to explore how ethnic and cultural differences influence clinical genetic services and the genetic counseling process.

Our program provides students with rich clinical experiences working with diverse patient populations in many different settings to prepare them for competent practice in a wide variety of practice areas. In addition, our program provides students a strong foundation in genomics that prepares students to integrate current and future genomic technologies into evidence-based practice.

Our goal is to provide our students an educational environment which is conducive to developing the skills, knowledge and attitudes (practice-based competencies) needed to function successfully as productive and responsible genetic counselors in a variety of work settings. Students typically complete the program in two years (five semesters) on a full-time basis. Approximately eight students are accepted into the program each academic year.  A high faculty to student ratio provides the opportunity for individualized instruction and mentoring.

Program is located in Detroit, MI

Program website:  http://www.genetics.wayne.edu/education/ms-genetic-counseling

Academic year is from  August (end of the month) to April.

Information about prerequisites info can be found at http://www.genetics.wayne.edu/education/ms-genetic-counseling-prerequisites

  • No GRE required,
  • Holistic admissions process,
  • Accepts international students,
  • We welcome prospective student contact for questions about our program.
  • In-state students:  $44,000.00
  • Out-of-state students:  $81,000.00
  • International students:  $81,000.00 except Ontario, Canada (in-state tuition)
  • Student work opportunities,
  • Scholarships available,
  • Students can apply for competitive scholarships such as the Graduate Professional Scholarship or be nominated for the university’s Diversity Scholarship.

General geographic location of internships:  Most are in the Detroit Metropolitan area, but we have sites in other areas of Michigan for students who are interested (not required).

Currently have Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives as part of the program

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice initiatives:  The program’s mission is to train a highly qualified, competent, and culturally diverse genetic counseling workforce to increase access to genetics services in Detroit, the State of Michigan, and beyond. The program has a 5-year strategic plan which includes an initiative to increase the diversity of the program applicant pool and student body, and to create a program culture that supports DEIJ. To this end, in terms of student education, DEIJ topics are integrated throughout the curriculum. The program leadership actively takes part in activities to improve their ability to provide an inclusive, supportive, learning environment for all students. In addition, the program provides opportunities for faculty, clinical supervisors, and admissions committee members to participate in DEIJ educational activities and sets an expectation for participation.